Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ottobre 4/2009 - Licorice cropped leggings

Well my Ottobre FINALLY arrived today, I swear the rest of the world must have had theirs before I did this time....I was starting to get worried.

Anyway wanted to get something started and finished today so decided on an easy project...well what I thought was easy....the Licorice cropped leggings. Easy to trace and cut off, no dramas...until I realised there were 22...yep...22 pin-tucks!! I've never sewn a pin-tuck in my life, was a baptism of fire!!

So anyway here they are, I'm happy with them and they look really comfy. I trace off a 110, I think next time I'll do a 116 as they seem a little small, which will be fine for now but not for spring. The fabric is actually a lot darker than my pic shows but I'm a lame photographer, what can I say!


  1. They look great, love doing pin tucks do the pin tucks go around the back as well

  2. Yes the pin tucks go all the way around. Each leg only has one piece, so the pin tucks are done first then the seam is sewn. They were relatively easy, it was just the ironing each pin tuck as I went that took some time.

    Thanks for your comment :)

  3. I think that I will live vicariously through your pin tucks! You have more patience than me.