Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally some sewing and a sore head

Well after more than a month of non-sewing I finally pulled the machines out yesterday to make Edward some clothes. Poor little man really has no pants that fit him anymore, they are all ankle-freezers! So I pulled out some Ottos and decided on the "Taku" linen pants from 1/2009 and the "Reko" raglan-sleeve t-shirt from 4/2008.

I used fabric already in my stash, which is fabulous because I have this fabric addiction thing going on that I have to curb ;) The pants are made from a denim look linen blend from Lindcraft and the t-shirt from stella knit in my stash. I bought the froggy ribbon that I used as trim from the Crafty Mamas store. Anyway Edward loves his new threads :)

Edward wanted me to take a photo of the back pockets...he loves pockets...good thing because these pants have 7!!!

However, last night Edward took a leap off Harry's bed and ended up hitting his head on Harry's desk. Originally I though he was fine as it stopped bleeding really quickly...however when Marty gave him a shower the cut was really deep, all the way to his skull!!!!!! He ended up in hospital and is now that proud owner of two staples. He seems fine and is happy enough but oh what a scare!! And finally a shot of the staples!