Friday, July 10, 2009

Edward's "new" jeans by Sew Hip!

My Edward has grown up but definitely not out, he's a little stick man. Clearly takes after his Daddy there, definitely not his Mummy ;)

Anyway he needs new jeans desperately. I went shopping on Monday to try and find some but the size 4s are just massive and even when they are pulled in really tight they are still too big, the size 3s that we have here are all ankle freezers....not a good look in the middle of a cold winter.

So on Monday my Sew Hip! magazine arrived as if on purpose...inside was an idea to get more wear out of jeans for children by adding some fabric. I decided to take his daggiest pair of jeans for a trial just in case it was a disaster (after some of my sewing efforts this week was a good chance!....oh by the way my skirt zip looks awesome now, will post pics later).

I'm pretty happy with the results, cost me absolutely nothing as we already had the jeans and the fabric I insertered was left over from the "Olivia" I made him a couple of weeks ago. By chance he was wearing his top today so when I finished the jeans he looked all co-ordinated (total fluke!)

Sorry about the photos but my camera battery died and these were the only 3 I had taken.

Anyway he is according to the formula
Happy E = Happy Mummy

He wanted me to take a pic of the back....looks like he's got a little tail - the hoodie of his "Olivia". You can see from this pic that the size 3 is plenty wide enough for him too!

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  1. They look cool Karen. The girls have just been talking about this over at Crafty Mamas; now I know what they were on about!