Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Jule is finally finished!!

After a full-on weekend with lots of parties, visitors etc etc I didn't get much chance to finish it off. So this morning I had a bit of spare time before work and finally finished it.

I used some Spotlight fabric from my stash because I wasn't sure how hard/easy it would be and I didn't want to waste my "good" fabrics. I have to say that the hood and the pocket, the two parts I was worried about were actually really easy and I enjoyed sewing them. The hood is lined because I'm sick of seeing stitching lines in my children's hood, so I lined it in the opposite fabric...looks much better that way I think. I love love love the pocket and went to town with top-stitching around top-stitching, my fave part of sewing.

The frills are what annoyed me the most. I decided against the lettuce edge and went with a folded edge where the material is doubled need for a hem that way. I do like the results but geez I hate doing frills...yucko. The double stitch, all the thread that needs to be pulled at the end...does my head in ;)
I have no idea why this pic is sideways as it isn't on my camera or'll just have to turn your screens to see my awesome top-stitching - hahah

Will get a picture with the model at a later time as she's not here at the moment, off enjoying a day with her Grandy and Grandpa.

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