Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yummy comfort food

My friend Tas made the yummiest Apple Cake when we were all at her place for our crafty day. I loved it so much that she posted the recipe on her blog...well today I decided to do some baking with the children, Gracie loves to bake :)

Anyway typical of me....no apples in the house, so I found a tin of stewed apricots and improvised. Currently it's cooling in the kitchen, we'll tuck into it in a little while. It looks and smells delish!!

Thanks Tassy :)


  1. Mmmmm, would be yummy with apricots! Hope that you enjoy it! (Did you eat the cake mix? I can nver resist...)

  2. No I waited until it was cooked....however there is rather a lot missing now :O

  3. Yum! - I LOVE apricots even more than apples and it looks delicious.