Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun crafty day with some of the Crafty Mama gang.

Had a really fantastic day with some of my Crafty Mama friends. We started the day at 10ish (which meant 10.30 ;) ). I was a little ambitious in the amount of sewing I anticipated completing as the picture indicates - haha. Although I don't think I won the prize for the biggest crafting haul of the day....just ask Helen (stitcharooney)!

Everyone contributed bits and pieces towards lunch but a huge thank you must go to Tas (Little Boozle) for her wonderful hospitality and her husband for letting us use his house all day. Here's some of the yummies that we had, in the top left hand corner is the yummiest apple cake/slice that I've eaten. Loved it! I should have swiped the recipe!!

Here's Tas and Helen crafting up a storm.

Just after lunch Becci arrived and more chatting continued. Still wondering if it was a chatfest or a craftfest - haha. So I've decided to call it a funfest :)

Although there is a glass of bubbles in front of me, it certainly wasn't a boozefest....despite what Tas' hubby though!

What a great day, wish we could get together more often, fun, fun, fun!


  1. Oh, we will try. Fantastic day. Loved it. Great company; great chats; great food. And a little bit of sewing too!

  2. Looks like you girls had a ball! I am quite jealous of it really, I must get the QLD girls into gear for a crafty day.

  3. ahem!!!!
    where was i when all this was happening!!!