Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Hat

I finally finished Edward's hat that I started on the weekend. It's not perfect but he's happy with it, so that's the main thing ;) He picked that fabric himself from my stash, he loves the fishies and I love how it's completely reversible.

I used a "Make it Perfect" pattern, the Lazy Day Hat. I have another one cut out for Gracie and will try and make that soon. It's a little bit big for Edward but it will keep the sun off his face which is the main issue.

It's very sunny here today...hence the squint.


  1. Great hat! I'm sure Edward will really enjoy wearing it. Will loves the one I made him. :)

  2. Love that hat! And adore the big dots.

  3. What a cutie in that hat, both fabrics are lovely, it is nice when you can involve the kids in your sewing too, they feel so included and special.
    You know, no one would know it wasn't perfect if you didn't tell them, I suppose you will point out the mistakes to people too!!! Stitchers tend to be their own greatest critic.

  4. I have this hat cut out and ready to sew!
    The fish are lovely - your little man has good taste.

  5. I love it Karen! Excellent choices Edward, it suits you well :)