Sunday, June 20, 2010

Something for my little fella.

I have to admit something! Making clothes for girls is much more fun that making clothes for boys! And therefore my little man really doesn't get many home made items from his Mummy.

So with some bad Mummy guilt happening I thought I'd make some things for my little man. It is not that he doesn't have lovely clothes, he does, I BUY him lovely things. But that's not the same thing is it???

So today with his help in choosing colours, I made him this top, he loves it especially the robot on the front. As soon as I'd finished he put it on and didn't take it off until bed-time tonight. He spent most of the afternoon pretending to be a robot.

He's just so funny and cute sometimes :)


  1. Gorgeous Karen, kid and raglan!

  2. Karen did you do the embroidery? The top looks great and your little man well chuffed!

  3. he's super goregous!
    love the top - and i can understand why making gracie clothes is much more fun than boys clothes.

  4. It is perfect K. You should sew more for him!

  5. Hi Karen
    You won my giveaway! I know you're on CM's, but I'm not sure of your username. Could you please email me (email address is on my blog) with your email address?

    Warmest wishes


  6. Robots rule!!!!

    That is all. ;)