Monday, June 29, 2009

Edward's new hair-cut and new Farbenmix hoodie.

My Mum cut Edward's hair yesterday, he looks so grown up now! My baby boy is growing up, he is such a sweet boy 99% of the time ;)

I am loving the Farbenmix "Olivia" pattern and have made him another hoodie top using this pattern. Even though it is a girl pattern it adapts well for a boy too, I have made the hood part a little shorter than the pattern and have adjusted the sides to suit a boy.

He loves his hoodie tops!


  1. Well done - that looks great!

  2. i have to admit, i have a soft spot for edward - i'm not sure if it's cause he's sooo cute or cause he likes my baking ;)
    i love the hoodie top - but where's the post about your bag???

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