Friday, May 14, 2010

Gracie's New Party Dress

Gracie had a party today for one of her friends and nothing to wear. So last night I cut out an Abigail which is a new Modkid pattern that I received from Crafty Mamas this week.

I made a sz 5 which I still had to take in a little in the shoulders as I found it a little wide across. Other than that it fits perfectly. I used three different fabrics, the stripes and the dots were from Banberry Place and the floral fabric is from Crafty Mamas.

The dress was made with 15 minutes to spare before the party....heaps of time ;)

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, the Princess isn't in the mood for modelling today!!


  1. Aw, Gracie is such a cutie. And that dress is just so sweet Karen!

  2. The dress look gorgeous on Gracie. I love the combination of fabrics you used too, they go so well together.

    I saw your comment in my blog about the sizing for Sprout. I made a size 4 for Munchkin, she turned 4 in March and you can see it's a little long for her. It's not a tight fitting dress on Munchkin so you just *might* be able to get away with a Size 5 for a 6 year old.

  3. Karen it seems like ages since you have sewed, I must check that you have not fallen off my blogger alert. I have not made anything for ages and ages as my DD reminds me ;-)
    Gracie looks very happy and I love the combo, very euro.

  4. Just in the nick of time! Love the dress.

  5. Hi Karen - you did a great job on this looks great!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about Sprout - appreciate it :)

    As the pattern was only released yesterday it will be a couple of days until stores actually have it in stock, so your best option would be to ask your favourite store to order one in for you or you can pre-order through as I know they have placed an order already!

  6. Karen, this is such a gorgeous dress, suits Gracie so well! I think perhaps she is a "red" girl like her mum!

  7. i love this dress - it looks fabulous on gracie. well done karen - i haven't touched my sewing in ages :(

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  9. Hmmm had a typo in that last comment!
    This is a gorgeous dress for a gorgeous birthday girl Karen.
    I love the colours you have combined - they look fantastic together.