Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Olivia

I haven't had anytime for sewing since last year...but the bug is back ;)

Gracie had a holiday program to attend and didn't have anything suitable to wear (well any excuse to sew!)

Decided to make something quick and easy, so pulled out my Olivia pattern and used some fabric from my stash. Unfortunately I didn't have enough fabric to make the whole Olivia so I decided to use some stella knit to match. I even had to split the hood into contasting fabrics but I am happy with the finished product.

Despite the look in this photo my little Princess adores her new outfit.


  1. Really cute Karen. And I believe you when you say that Gracie adores it...really I do!

  2. it's gorgeous!
    you are so clever.....which is why i need to come around ... and soon :)